Beauty and the Beast: My Something More ❤️

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Director: Bill Condom

Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos

(Note: My review is going to be aimed at / based on the assumption that my readers are Beauty and the Beast connoisseurs, and therefore do not need me to explain the plot, songs, scenes in detail &c.)

I wanted to detest the Beauty and the Beast remake. Even now, the original is still my all time fave Disney movie, with Belle being my ultimate Disney Princess, and no way was I going to approve a remake.
Even with the ultimate feminist Emma Watson at the helm.

But as I sat in the cinema, and laughed at jokes remembered, as well as ones anew, sang and danced to the mesmerising numbers in my seat, and cried with joy, I realised how incredible this remake was.

For me, what truly won me over was that Maurice (Kevin Kline) had a lot more personality in this version, and therefore gave a lot more reason as to why Belle looked up to her father so much. In the original, Belle’s father is clumsy, bumbling and very much dependent upon his daughter; in this remake, Maurice is intelligent, and very encouraging of his daughter. He stands up towards Gaston (Luke Evans) in a much more affirming way in new scenes which are written into the story, simultaneously showing the antagonist to be the lunatic that the original only hints at.

Scenes also added in, include providing a back story to the Prince (Dan Stevens), which the original again only hinted at in the prologue. Scenes where Belle and the Beast read to one another and quote favourite passages of text to one another, truly cement the foundation to their love and make the fairytale a lot more believable, and prove to explain how this beautiful, intelligent and independent  and woman can give herself to a man regardless of his seemingly hideous exterior. 
All of this leads me to wonder if perhaps this remake was written for the audience members like me? Who grew up having watched the original, never realising that we needed something more.
Which is why I proudly cried in the cinema 🙂
Verdict: mesmerising. 

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